Metal Technologys Aluminium continuously listens to the requirements and wishes of window fabricators and facade manufacturers. We aim to provide you with all the means to work as well and efficiently as possible.

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Structural Spreadsheet

Accuracy in estimating is important to any fabricator. A vital part of this process is the software available to process many of the structural elements within windows, doors and curtain walling. The correct sizing of these structural sections forms a critical part of quoting and fabricating the glazing element in any small or large scale project.

Metal Technology have now introduced a specifically tailored structural spreadsheet that offers the fabricator very accurate guidance in relation to any structural mullion or transom within a glazed structure. This additional software has been designed to suit the needs of the aluminium window, door and curtain walling fabrication company. The software is user friendly and staff can very quickly operate this system with competence and accuracy.

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