Metal Technologys Aluminium continuously listens to the requirements and wishes of window fabricators and facade manufacturers. We aim to provide you with all the means to work as well and efficiently as possible.

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Software Training

Estimating Support

Accuracy in estimating is important to any fabricator. A vital element of this process is the software available to process the large volumes of tender documents received. To this end Metal Technology have partnered one of Europe’s leading software suppliers to offer the fabricator a bespoke estimating, drawing and production package with a direct link to CNC equipment ensuring efficient and accurate manufacture.

Metal Technology’s LogiKal software is specifically tailored to suit the needs of the aluminium window, door and curtain walling construction company. It enables manufacturers to create easily understandable estimates and to manage all aspects of an order from quotation to production. This system also has the ability to create full section drawings that can be released in Autocad format, and provide structural and thermal calculations for each job as it is processed.

The software is user friendly and with the benefits of training support from Metal Technology, staff can very quickly operate this system with competence and accuracy.
Initial LogiKal Training course covers:

  • Labour/Fabrication
  • Home Page Overview
  • User Data Base – Estimation Data, Labour Hours, Glass/Panels
  • Entering a Project – Windows
  • Entering a Project – Curtain Wall and Doors
  • Edit/Copying Existing Projects
  • Reports – Estimating, Fabrication, Order, Quotation/Invoice
  • Hardware Macros

Metal Technology can offer bespoke courses designed to cover specific requirements for more advanced users. Please contact our Estimating Manager to arrange a consultation.

LogiKal Training (Estimating)
Please Note:
Courses may be re-arranged subject to demand or on request.
Courses require a minimum of 6 attendees however this can comprise of a representative from multiple companies. Please check and confirm that a course it proceeding on the dates indicated prior to booking flights, accommodation etc.
In addition to the scheduled training dates, Metal Technology can also provide product specific onsite ‘tool box talk’ training for manufacturing and/or installation upon request. Please liaise directly with our technical department to agree on suitable training needs and dates.

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