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Metal Technology recognise the importance of training our fabricators from office staff through to factory operatives. Trained staff ensure high quality production and installation.

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Project Support

As Metal Technology’s presence within the construction industry has grown, they have through experience, found that the key to success is not only achieved through specifications, but in providing support for the main contractors as well as the glazing sub-contractors. Metal Technology sees liaising with the main contractors in the following areas as the key to any project success:

Prior to tendering for any project it is essential that all aspects of the glazing specification should be agreed between the client, main contractor and their architectural partners. This is critical to the continuity of the project and maintenance procedures, which should be implemented. It will also contribute greatly to keeping the project within budget.

The key to successful management of the project is through planning and the implementation of this at the earliest point in the contract. This can only be achieved if the main contractors subscribe to the supply chain ethos. Through careful planning Metal Technology and its fabricator/installer network can eliminate potential programme and manufacturing problems – “less haste more speed”.

Once the contract has been established programmes can then be agreed. This should involve liaison between the main contractor, fabricator and the systems company. Programme meetings should be held regularly and timescales agreed between all parties. Any variations should be advised through the supply chain.

Agreed programmes will facilitate Metal Technology in processing materials in advance. They will ensure that adequate timescales for powder coating, thermal breaking and fabrication are allowed. This will prove invaluable and will ultimately be the most important factor in the success of the project.

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