Metal Technology's Architectural Advisors look at the whole design and consider the influencing factors in tandem. The approach is always to offer a fit-for-purpose, value engineered product that covers all aspects of the clients brief.


As an approved provider of RIBA CPD Seminars, Metal Technology provides a range of high quality CPD seminars to architects and specifiers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland as part of their technical support.

Metal Technology offers the following approved seminars:

Window Selection: A Specifier’s Guide

The presentation will allow architects to assess window systems in terms of their material, function and performance in relation to their specific project requirements.

Aluminium: Building a Sustainable Future

This seminar will provide information on:

  • Properties of aluminium
  • The sustainability of aluminium
  • Aluminium extraction
  • Production of aluminium
  • Aluminium recycling
  • BREEAM assessment of aluminium windows
  • Aluminium windows within the BFRC’s Window Energy Rating scheme
  • Thermal performance of aluminium windows
  • Sustainability through responsible sourcing and partnering of suppliers

Further support for Architects:

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