Tesco, Salford and Dublin

Salford, Dublin

Providing sustainable solutions for Tesco

The Dublin store is the latest step in an on-going programme to reduce the environmental impact of the supermarket group’s outlets.

Meeting Tesco’s aim to continually refine the design and include more innovative environmental features at their new stores, Metal Technology’s System 17 Curtain Walling profiles give limitless flexibility in specification. Offering a wide range of structural mullions, transoms and feature caps, System 17 can meet the character and performance requirements for expansive glazed applications on any building. The Tesco project saw System 17 installed for the optimum in structural integrity, weather performance and thermal enhancement.

Finishes can vary internally and externally, adding to the design possibilities, while the intrinsic qualities of aluminium – infinite recyclability, durability, strength and lightness mean it is one of the most sustainable building materials in use today. All Metal Technology aluminium products are 100% recyclable.

Metal Technology’s Commercial door system was also installed on the new store. The range offers single / double–action pivot doors, in both standard and anti-finger trap forms, and a fully rebated option with butt hinges is available. Double and single door leaf options are included in the suite, with a variety of door jamb and stile formats offering the designer the ability to achieve the entrance required.

To meet Tesco’s “zero-carbon” standards the Dublin supermarket has been designed to curb energy demand and use onsite renewable energy technologies to ensure that over the course of a year it transfers as much renewable energy to the National Grid as it uses, helping Tesco to achieve their goal of becoming a zero-carbon business by 2050.

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  • Architect

    Dublin - Joseph Doyle Architects; Salford - Smith Smalley

  • Contractor

    Dublin - Precision Construction Ltd; Salford - Hannafin Contractors Ltd

  • Systems Used

    System 17 Latitude

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