Emerson Building

Aberdeen, Scotland

Metal Technology enhances the Emerson façade

Extensive glazing for the Emerson Building at D2, Aberdeen has been facilitated with a suite of systems from Metal Technology, including curtain walling, windows and doors. The facility will support a range of services and solutions from both Emerson Process Management and Emerson Network Power, including a support service for customers with North Sea installations.

The design features a 2,600 square metre office accommodating sales and support, linked to a 3,065 square metre service centre. Metal Technology’s System 17 high rise, capped curtain walling system was the product of choice for the expansive glazed façade. Ultra-flexible and aesthetically appealing, this structurally engineered system offers high levels of thermal and weather performance providing a cost-effective solution for the Emerson Building’s designers.

Two products from the Metal Technology  range were also specified: System 4-35Hi+ windows and System 5-20D Hi+ high performance thermally enhanced doors.

The  suite of systems utilises bespoke thermal gaskets, cellular foams and polyamide thermal isolators contributing to impressively low U values across the range. The system design also offers full security compliance and a high level of weather performance.

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