Bradstowe House

Harrow, England

Metal Technology products bring Bradstowe House vision to life

State-of-the-art products from Metal Technology have been instrumental in delivering aesthetic and building performance objectives in a new build mixed-use development in Harrow.

Set on a triangular site in the heart of the town centre, Bradstowe House combines 177 luxury apartments including communal state of the art gym with ground floor retail and office space. The building could be viewed as ‘a modern approach to the ziggurat’ with lightweight glass panels and rainscreen cladding forming the façade.

Metal Technology’s System 17 capped high rise curtain walling was central to creating this finish, providing a structure tailored to the desired look without compromise on performance and efficiency. The end result is a clear demonstration of System 17’s limitless flexibility in design applications.

Two products from the Metal Technology  suite have also been included in the scheme. The high performance, thermally enhanced System 5-35Hi+ tilt-and-turn windows and System 5-20DHi+ doors, which, through the use of bespoke thermal gaskets, cellular foams and polyamide thermal isolators, offer impressively low U values that can not only meet but exceed current building control thermal requirements.

All products in the Metal Technology range offer high levels of structural integrity, weather and energy performance and durability. Used in conjunction for this project, Metal Technology’s suite of systems provided a cost-effective solution with no compromise on either aesthetic or performance.

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