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Metal Technology sheds new light on Brunswick House

NW Architects’s brief was to transform an existing 12-storey 1970s office building in Southampton into high end student apartments: The solution was to re-clad the main tower and utilise Metal Technology’s System 17 and System 4-35Hi architectural aluminium systems, not only in the tower but also in the development of the 3-storey street frontage.

The extensive remodelling of the external envelope featured the complete design flexibility and superior, whole life performance of System 17 high rise curtain walling. A new lightweight floor constructed mostly from System 17 was also added to the street façade. This was set back from the main façade and was glazed with a combination of glass and insulated panels.

Metal Technology’s System 4-35 casement windows were used throughout the tower and street façade both in curtain walling and stand-alone applications. Part of the company’s high-performance range, System 4-35 windows utilise bespoke thermal gaskets, cellular foams and polyamide thermal isolators all of which contribute to impressively low U values. The system design also offers full security compliance and a high level of weather performance.

Designed to meet the needs of modern design and construction in an integrated package, Metal Technology systems combine to deliver complete design flexibility, achieving not only a very high level of thermal performance, but also exceptional structural, security and acoustic performance. All Metal Technology systems comply with the latest British Standards and are Secure by Design certified.