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Metal Technology launches new Silicone Pointed 65mm Curtain Walling System

Designed for use in high rise or multi-storey applications, Metal Technology Ltd’s new 17-65 Silicone Pointed 65mm curtain walling system has been developed as an extension to our standard System 17-65 65mm High Rise Curtain Walling, adopting the same stick built assembly process with overlapping transom to mullion connections with bespoke glazing inserts and retaining lugs, which offer flush vertical and horizontal joints.

This new system provides greater clearance for the glass units to move within the curtain walling profiles when compared with the System 17 SP 50mm suite. The system has been designed with a range of structural mullions and transoms from 50mm to 225mm, allowing architects and designers a variety of aesthetic solutions.

✅ CWCT dynamically tested and to BS EN 13050 for weather performance.

✅ Designed as a ‘Stick’ built system, giving optimal creative freedom through a range of profiles and technical options, whilst meeting security and specification requirements.

✅ Various finishes can be provided internally and externally.

✅ Expansion joints are allowed on every floor or every other floor to accommodate any building movement.

✅ Specialist glazed units from 32mm to 54mm can be achieved.

✅ Black neutral cure silicone gives a flush finished façade and bespoke thermally broken profiles also provide a flush perimeter detail.

✅ The system is designed to aid compliance with the latest thermal requirements of the current building regulations, in conjunction with the correct glass specification.

Visit our Product page on System 17-65 SP for further information.