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Metal Technology joins CAB’s Closed Loop Recycling Scheme (CLRS)

At Metal Technology Ltd, we are continually looking at ways to improve our business operation in line with our Sustainability Goals and Net Zero Strategy. The latest step we have taken on this journey, is to become a member of CAB’s Closed Loop Recycling Scheme (CLRS)
By participating in the scheme, we will return our scrap data to the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) on a monthly basis, and in doing so, all scrap aluminium will be sent to an approved smelting facility and reprocessed to create new billets and extrusions within a closed loop system. This means that the content of the metal is easier to control during recycling, thereby ensuring that profiles can be recycled into profiles, for example.  
Rather than wait for closed loop recycling to become mandated, Metal Technology has decided to get involved in this exemplar programme now and become part of the circular economy. Recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than producing aluminium from raw materials, saving 97% of green house gas emissions.
Combined with our current commitments to reducing our carbon footprint and GHG emissions, we feel that this is not only a strong demonstration of our sustainability credentials, but also highlights the need to reduce the embodied carbon content of aluminium extrusions used in projects. Pre and Post-Consumer Scrap is an important resource and all efforts should be taken to maximise the quantity and quality of recovered aluminium scrap in the UK, to continue to build the circular economy of the future.
For more info on our commitment to environmental matters, visit our Sustainability page