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Introducing the new System 17-65

65mm Capped Curtain Walling System

As part of our ongoing policy of product development Metal Technology are delighted to announce the launch of our new System 17-65 Curtain Walling.

Based on our successful System 17 Curtain Walling, this latest system also adopts the same stick built assembly process, with overlapping transom to mullion connections and incorporates many of the same manufacturing and installation principles used within our System 17. System 17-65 is based on 65mm wide mullion and transom profiles. This allows it to facilitate greater glass movement, caused by increased differential mullion movement often associated with large floor slab spans, greater floor slab deflection, taller glass units, and larger building movement often found in modern high rise buildings.

The system incorporates a suite of structural mullion and transom profiles, ranging from 50mm to 225mm, along with a range of projecting cover cap options. A flat pressure cap also offers a cost effective alternative to silicone pointing while still accommodating increased building movement without compromising on glass cover and the performance of the system. The system can accommodate up to 54mm thick glass units, in 1mm increments, to facilitate a wide variety of double, and even triple glazed units to help facilitate even the most demanding thermal, guarding and/or acoustic requirements.



Testing & Features

The system has been designed to provide a level of weathering performance suitable for any location within the UK and Ireland. The system has been tested to BS EN 13050 for weather testing, and met the requirements of the CWCT dynamic weather test for curtain walling systems.

Successfully CWCT hose pipe tested, impact tested in accordance with CWCT Section 15, BS EN 13049, and BS EN 14019, and acoustically tested to BS EN ISO 10140-2.

System 17-65 has been successfully tested for enhanced security performance in accordance with PAS 24 Annex C using a method of glass retention that can be applied across the full range of glazing options.

System 17-65 has already been programmed into our LogikAl estimating software and can be easily selected as a curtain walling option.

For further information, fabrication and installation details please click the link below to download our System 17-65 technical manual, test certification and brochure.

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