System 17-65

65mm Capped Curtain Walling

The 17-65 65mm curtain walling system is designed for use in high rise or multi storey applications. Glazing and curtain wall systems need to be designed to work in harmony with the building construction. The consequence of this can be greater structural spans resulting in increased building movement. Metal Technology’s System 17-65 has been designed to help address one of the main complexities associated with this type of construction, that of accommodating greater floor slab deflection.

Available Revit Family Designs

  • Adjustable dimensions (width and height)
  • Adjustable mullions and transoms
  • Window vent/fixed light toggle switch

Revit Family Parameters

Model System 17-65
Manufacturer Metal Technology
Keynote Metal Technology System 17-65 Curtain Walling
Description 65mm Capped Curtain Walling


RFA files for each design show above.
General Arrangement Detail - CAD.
General Arrangement Detail - PDF.
Generic Specification - MS Word.
User Guide - PDF.