Environmental Policy

Metal Technology is committed to complying with all current relevant legislation regarding Environmental Safety and Industry Codes of Practice.

Metal Technology can in conjunction with their customer, develop a project specific Environmental Management Plan which addresses the relevant environmental issues particular to that project.

We aim to achieve this by pursuing the following principles:

  1. To provide our customers with a high quality service and end product which will in turn improve and maintain the environment.

  2. To maintain a positive and healthy relationship with our natural environment.

  3. To avoid all forms of pollution.

  4. To ensure our land and water are in good condition for our future generations.

This Environmental Management Plan will include a site specific environmental risk assessment which identifies any potential environmental hazards and identifies and prioritises the measures that need to be taken to eliminate or minimise the risk to the environment.

Metal Technology recognises that good management includes all environmental matters and will ensure that environmental protection and the prevention of pollution are part of all decisions, policies and practices.

The company shall endeavour to work towards the following objectives:

  • Comply with relevant environmental legislation, regulation and industry codes of practice.

  • Provide for the publication of the Environmental Policy internally, by posting the document in the company and externally to all interested parties, on request.

  • Provide for the setting and achievement of environmental objectives and targets for the company, and secondly for the publication of these objectives and targets by the posting of the document in the company.

  • Maintain efforts to achieve continual improvement in the environmental performance of the company, the starting point being to comply fully with the requirements of ISO 14001.

  • Foster openness, dialogue and discussion with employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and all interested parties regarding the environmental performance and the environmental objectives and targets of the company.

  • Measure environmental performance by conducting regular environmental audits and assessment of compliance with the Environmental Policy, relevant environmental legislation and the requirements of the company.