Metal Technology achieves double A rating

Green Guide A Rating

The Green Guide to specification provides clear and easy to use general guidance to allow designers to reduce the environmental impact from individual construction products used in buildings and can be used to support BREEAM labelling.

The British Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) is a design and management stage assessment tool which takes into account associated points from each products alphabetical rating to establish various environmental levels for a building (i.e. good, very good or excellent.) It is interesting to note that the glazing element represents approximately 3% of the overall numerical score for a typical building.

Commercial window ratings are the same for the following building types: Health, Offices, Retail, Industrial, Education, Housing (high rise where relevant).

Based on calculations and the profile mass formula as set out by BRE's Green Guide, Metal Technology's high insulation (Hi+) windows can achieve an A rating.

As a supplier of aluminium building products, Metal Technology is committed to using the 'green' advantages of the basic material throughout all its products. This takes into account environmental factors, such as production methods, life cycle waste management, energy balances and life cycles of the aluminium it uses.

Window Energy Rating (WER) A

With an in-house BFRC approved thermal simulator, Metal Technology has worked closely with its glass and polyamide suppliers in conjunction with the BFRC to launch new thermally efficient window systems that can deliver cost effective A rated WER windows.

Metal Technology can now offer a thermally efficient range of windows offering U-values based on the standard GGF window which can produce U-value figures below 1.0 W/m2K. This is supported with Curtain Walling that can accept photovoltaic panels, Brise Soleil systems offering substantial reductions in solar gain and louvres that can be used as part of an overnight pre-cool building cooling design.